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Smart Phone Application Design and Development for Stylo Shoes with following features:

• Users will be able to view the current and previous Design Catalogues on the application. Whenever a new catalogue is added, the application will automatically update on the user’s Smart Phone to college essay services display the latest additions.
• Each catalogue will contain the information about a number of designs divided into categories and subcategories such as Formal Wear, Party Wear etc.
• For each design, its image, price, description and availability would be displayed in a very interactive manner.
• Marketing through push notifications e.g if Stylo Shoes announces a Sale for Winter 2013, or launches new designs, anyone who has the Stylo Shoes application installed in their smart phone will get a direct notification hence ensuring direct and targeted marketing.
• A great way to reach out to International Customers where Smart Phone penetration is almost 100 %.
• Integration with Stylo’s site to include the feature of E-Commerce from within the application.
• The App will also contain the contact information of Stylo and the Store Locater.
• The Store Locater will display Stylo’s outlets on Google Map.
• Feedback/reviews by the users on Stylo’s products and services.