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Chaaye Khana E-Menu Concept

The basic concept is to introduce an interactive smart phone/tablet based menu and ordering system for Chaaye Khana allowing the customers to:
        Complete Menu on a tablet/iPad
        Customized theme of application according to the ambiance of restaurant/cafe
        Visualize the menu with vivid pictures
        Order food whenever the customer is ready
        Comments and provide feedback
        Dedicated Call for Service button
        Dedicated Request for Bill button
        Various add-on (on discretion of restaurant management)
Benefits for your Customers:
·         Place order whenever the customer is ready without waiting for order taker
·         Visualize the menu with high quality pictures
·         Complete details about the dish. No need to inquire from waiter
·         Call the waiter through a dedicated call for service button
·         Request the bill though a dedicated button at end of meal
·         No badgering waiters
·         Dine at your own pace
·         Browse social media, play games, read news while waiting for food to arrive (Optional. On the discretion of restaurant)
Benefits for Restaurant:
·         Cut down your staff as order takers are no longer required
·         Faster table turns as customers don’t have to wait for order takers to take their order
·         Efficient Service. Order in immediately conveyed to kitchen, bar and counter
·         Get detailed sales analytics
·         Build customer loyalty by offering rewards to frequent customers
·         Increase your sales by upselling on every order
·         Streamline the ordering process and hence improving efficiency
·         Add ‘Wow’ factor to your restaurant
·         View your sales remotely from anywhere
In a nutshell, it is a complete technology based end to end solution to improve servicesincrease customer satisfaction, get analytics about customers and different food items and cut down expenses.
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